Cristianos furiosos por Film que muestra a un Jesus Homosexual

Miles de personas firman peticion para que se retire el Film “The First Temptation of Christ", que muestra un Jesus homosexual y una Maria prostituta. Cristianos y Musulmames se unen en esta protesta y miles de personas cancelan su subscripcion de NetFlix.

Esta es la carta que todos estan enviando a los ejecutivos de Netflix.

Withdraw film depicting Jesus as a homosexual

For the attention of Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix

cc: Jeff Hensien, Head of the Netflix Consumer Service Department

cc: Ted Sarandos, Netflix Content Manager

The supposed “comedy” which is highly blasphemous produced by a Brazilian group called 'Porta dos Fundos' and distributed by Netflix, has come to my attention.

The film presents Christ as a homosexual, the disciples as alcoholics, and the Virgin Mary as an adulterer.

This is absolutely unacceptable. It is simply an attack on Christianity and Christians under the cover of supposed "art" and "creativity"

Please, remove this highly offensive production. Act immediately!


[Your Name]

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