VIDEO: MAESTRA bailando en el TUBO

Juzgue usted.

🎼 “When I look at my life Wanna see myself shine on the dance floor But I won't get it right until I stop asking why And just let it go Sometimes I take a look at my life I take a look at my life And say oh, oh Wanna get it, yeah Gotta get it, don't need a pot of gold Music 🎶 Looking for the rainbow to break the storm inside of me The rainbow to take the clouds that are hiding me All I want is someone to heal the heart of me The rainbow, it could be the start of me 🎶 Yeah, I'm down on my luck But I'm still looking up, got a way to go Gotta follow my gut, can't get stuck in a rut I've been there before Right now there's a road up ahead And it's dangerous, oh, oh Fear's gone, it's my marathon Maybe I'm getting close” 🎼 Leap movie 🎥

Posted by Arisa Layce Mason on Tuesday, August 21, 2018


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