WATCH reaction when the power comes back in PR!

The things that we take for granted!!! 

What's the most you've been without power??

Having power has become a way of life for us in the US... but have you stopped to think about those who lack power AND water?  That was my case when I lived in Dominican Republic for most of my youth.  The light and water come and goes as it wishes on a daily basis.  Sometimes we had more than 8 hours without power.  Well, after Hurricane Maria, as we all know, the entire island of Puerto Rico was left without power.  Still months later, so many are still without power and water.  Watching this reaction of one school in Puerto Rico when they finally got their power back is priceless.  Brings back memories of our family reaction every day when the power would come back in Dominican Republic.  

Be thankful for the big things in life and also the small! 

Jenny Castillo

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