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'Amazeballs,' 'Side Boob,' 'Vape,' YOLO,' and 'Cray' in Oxford Dictionaries

'Amazeballs,' 'Side Boob,' 'Vape,' YOLO,' and 'Cray' in Oxford Dictionaries
Posted August 14th, 2014 @ 7:50am

(NEWSER) - Dude, ICYMI, you should totally live-tweet this hyperconnected hot mess of a listicle. It's cray amazeballs. It's so adorb I want to do an air punch or bro hug.

Don't have any idea what any of this means? Check out the latest edition of Oxford Dictionaries, which—unlike its more sophisticated and stoic cousin, the Oxford English Dictionary—exists to capture the current English words in use today, reports Time.

And while most of the words are just plain slang, some of them attest to the particulars of our time, such as "anti-vax," "clickbait," "e-cig," and "Paleo diet."

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